ExClaM! in collaboration with the City of Helsinki presents a series of 5 concerts around the Sibelius Monument, in the Sibelius Park. Young talents from all over the world are sharing their art-making, music, movement and creativity with local and international audiences. We invite you to bring your picnic basket and enjoy the performance in good company.

Footage and video editing by Alice Manfredi.

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Summer Day Concerts at the Helsinki Music Centre 2013

The second season of the Summer Day Concerts brought together musicians from the Sibelius Academy and dancers from the Theatre Academy and presented 15 concert experiences creating a holistic experience for the artists as well as the audience. Directed and produced by ExClaM!

Active Listening Playground workshop by Keren Rosenbaum from Composing Community.
Presented by the Sibelius Academy

Footage by Jonas Kukkonen and Jussi Rastas. Video editing by Jonas Kukkonen.

The CAFETERIA Opera Game 2012

In November 2012 for the soon be launched University of the Arts Helsinki that brings together the Sibelius Academy, the Theatre Academy and the Academy of the Fine Arts under one roof, we commissioned a community-building opera game from interdiciplinary composer Keren Rosenbaum. The Opera Game CAFETERIA, played by more than 500 people in the 3 cafeterias of the 3 arts academies, planted the seeds for greater future interdisciplinary community collaborations. The game was played by students, faculty members, cafeteria employees as well as cleaning personnel and random people passing by. It was a spectacle of human creativity at its best.

Footage by Jonas Kukkonen and Jussi Rastas. Video editing by Jonas Kukkonen.

Summer Lunchtime Concerts at the Helsinki Music Centre 2012

The basis of ExClaM!’s concerts is the shared belief that everyone deserves to experience Music, and that Music can speak to everyone, when framed creatively and presented in a way that supports the audience’s connection with live music and with the artists.
In this sense, ExClaM! is first of all a concept developer: through Active Listening Playground workshops, it creates a safe environment in which musicians can work creatively in interdisciplinary teams. The results are holistic concert experiences that encourage the active involvement of the audience.

Footage by Jonas Kukkonen. Video editing by Jonas Kukkonen.